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Hi there,  

Almost a decade ago, I was guided to support people through sacred, nurturing and healing touch therapies. Through abundant curiosities of my own body, as well as consistent inner healing and growth, of which feels endless, I've found that with meditative movement, conscious dance, plant medicine, various forms of meditation, yoga asana, breathwork and receiving supportive bodywork, I've been more capable of fully softening into the person I wish to be... With this being said, I know from personal experience that healing is an ever-flowing journey which requires much care, compassion, and devotion. 

I believe that each person is worthy of receiving the support they need and equally so, it is up to each individual to fully receive, choose to transform and heal from their past stories, so as to openheartedly create the present and future they wish to live. 

My role in each client's healing journey is simply to hold safe, sacred and supportive space while encouraging each person to allow their inner healer to show up and lead the way. This is true for all sessions I offer, whether it be one-on-one bodywork and massage sessions, yoga classes, retreats or Kambo ceremonies. In no way do I claim to heal anyone, as I trust in each individual's own ability to heal themselves, all the while trusting my intuition and checking in with each client throughout our time together.

My background in massage and bodywork stems from my studies of therapeutic deep tissue, which includes fascial and corrective musculoskeletal work, as well as deep muscular massage. In addition to deeper work, I also love holding space for those needing less pressure and more relaxation, such as Swedish, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage. Craniosacral therapy and Reiki are also wonderful alternatives for those seeking light touch and nurturing support as well, of which I have been certified in Level 1 Craniosacral therapy by the Upledger Institute and I've been attuned to Reiki level 3. 

In addition to my passion for holding supportive and nurturing space for people while on the massage table, I have practiced as a birth and postpartum doula for many years. Not too long ago I had a dream of pursuing the path of a Midwife, but as time came to pass and I came to understand more of how I wanted to support people, I grew to understand that becoming a Midwife wasn't in alignment with my vision of my future... at least not yet.

As my interests have grown and changed over the many years, there has always been one thing that has consistently remained the same - my yoga practice. 

Since I was 13 years old, Yoga has always been a moving meditation that I've found complete solace in no matter what life has put on my path. I grew up practicing Vinyasa Yoga, which always felt like an expressively fluid dance between outer and inner movements. From my own practice, my training in the teachings of Hatha Yoga and various breath work and meditation practices, I interweave my classes with a combination of all the elements; the foundational alignment-based form, the rhythmic full breath and the awareness of the mind through each movement. Most of our understanding of Yoga is primarily based in the postures, but Yoga is a complete science that encompasses every aspect of our existence. It is from this awareness that I hope to support people on and off their mats.

Whether your intention to work with me has been inspired by muscular/physical discomfort, needing to give your nervous system a cooldown or reset, or are curious about experiencing Kambo ceremonies or private yoga classes, or maybe more simply, you feel the call... I am here and honored to work with you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or curiosities~I'd love to connect.

In health and gratitude,


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